meet our 2019 recruitment chairs


Dear Potential New Members,

We could not be more excited about getting to serve as this year’s 2019 Recruitment Chairs! What an exciting new chapter you have ahead of you as you come to Auburn in August, and we cannot wait to meet each and every one of you! We love getting to serve in this way because we get the honor to show you a taste of what our wonderful chapter is like and why we love it so much! Alpha Delta Pi is full of girls from near and far with different interests and strengths who appreciate each other for those qualities! 

Our role as recruitment chairs is to represent Alpha Delta Pi within Auburn Panhellenic, prepare each of our members for the week of recruitment through multiple workshops in the spring and summer, and plan every detail of recruitment! Most importantly, we get the opportunity to welcome you into our chapter, and we hope that you will see a genuine and encouraging attitude from our girls throughout the whole process of recruitment!

Our biggest hope and prayer is that you will feel SO WELCOMED when you come in Alpha Delta Pi during the midst of a huge transition to college!! We cannot wait to share with you what we call our home away from home! Our desire for you is that you will be able to find your home during the week of recruitment!

carly banks & katie chandler

important dates for 2019

Saturday, June 1st
Recruitment Registration Opens
(Register Here)

Tuesday, July 30th
Final Day for Recommendation Submissions

Friday, August 9th
Move-In Day for PNM's

August 10-16th
Fall Formal Recruitment

**If you are transferring to Auburn & are looking to affiliate with our chapter, please fill out this form


Please fill out the online version of the PNM Profile & Legacy Introduction:
These can be found here

If unable to complete the online versions,
please mail forms to:

c/o Auburn University Panhellenic
1330 Auburn University Student Center
255 Heisman Drive
Auburn University, Alabama 36849.

meet our new member coordinator

Hi everyone!

My name is Kelley Banks and I am beyond blessed for the opportunity to serve as Alpha Delta Pi’s new member coordinator this year! My job as new member coordinator is to walk through the highs and lows of freshman year with you and make the transition of becoming a freshman easy as possible. I cannot wait to share all of the things that come with freshman year with you. I will be with you through all of the ups and downs. I will be your biggest fan and supporter, but I will also be a friend to you when you need a shoulder to cry on. Whatever you need, I will be there through it all!

When I was going through recruitment, I worried that I woudnt’t fit in. Recruitment can be an intimidating process, but I promise the Lord provides and He places us exactly where we need to be. I am from a very small town so I didn’t know may people coming into recruitment. My new member educator was a friend to me and made sure I felt loved and welcomed. I want to do the same thing for you. I cannot wait to love on each and every one of you every single day. I am so ready to welcome all of you home on Bid Day! All of you are so loved already.

See you soon!!
Kelley Banks



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