Get to Know -- Leslie Schuneman

Our Diamond of the Week


Hometown: Montgomery, AL
Major: Art History
Pledge Class ‘16

My friendship with Leslie stared with us living on the same hall freshman year, and me always riding with her to chapter! At the time I had no idea I would gain one of the most incredible friends I’ve ever had. She is kind, smart, dedicated, open-minded, loving, selfless, FUN, and is one of the few people I know who is truly comfortable being herself. I think this is what draws people to her! She pushes me outside of my comfort zone and to be the best version of myself, but also to not take myself too seriously. I’m so thankful for her and for how well she loves me and all of her other friends.
— McKinley Self

1.    What song are you listening to on repeat?

Tightrope by Young the Giant 

2.    What’s your favorite college memory so far?

Oh man, there are so many. A hilariously tragic one would be freshman year when I drowned my car, Tim. Sweet and innocent freshman Leslie left her sunroof open one night. No big deal, right? It hadn’t rained in Auburn in months. Wrong, I am always wrong. The next morning it rains, no no, it POURS for over two hours straight. I’m in class, doing homework, just enjoying my day and the storms. Around 5 p.m. I have to drive somewhere so I head out to my car parked in the Hill. Bear in mind that it has turned out to be a beautiful sunny, day so I get in my car and cannot quite put my finger on what is wrong. I look down and see that my cupholders are completely full of water. For some reason it is still not clicking in my dense head. So, I’m just sitting there contemplating how all this water got in my cup holders and then I get out of my car and the back of me is wet. Now it’s getting really fishy and I am still completely aloof. I get back in and look in the backseat and find my denim jacket and pick it up. It is quite literally dripping water. Then it finally all comes together, and I look up right through my open sunroof. I had to drive my car home to my parents who didn’t find it as funny as I did. Actually, they didn’t find it funny at all; they still don’t. All in all my car lived and shout-out to Katherine Rowell and McKinley Self for attempting to get the water out of my car via paper towels and bath towels.  

3.    What’s your dream job?

My dream, that will hopefully become a reality, is to get my Ph.D. and teach Art History at a university while also leading study abroad trips and doing solo travel to work on my research for a book. Anything related to the art field and traveling would be a dream; I can’t imagine being stagnant or disliking what I’m doing. 

4.    What TV show will you never get tired of? 

I’m sorry it is so basic, but Friends. I’ve watched it all the way through more times than I care to admit.

5.    What’s something everyone needs to hear? 

Quoting my favorite quote here, it would be to not settle. I think a lot of people just do what makes sense or what gets them by in life without ever really living life to its fullest potential. Not settling doesn’t mean some grand action of dropping out of college and backpacking across Europe. Sometimes not settling simply looks like pursuing the course that makes you excited rather than the course that makes you feel safe. I think there are little steps that can be taken every day to ensure this kind of life; a life of excitement. It can be as small as talking to a new person in your class or as large as planning as road trip to Canada. Whatever it is I would stress the importance of the unknown and the excitement that pulls right on the heels of it.