Get to Know -- Grace Dodson

Our Diamond of the Week


Hometown: Nashville, TN
Major: Marketing
Pledge Class '16

Grace is the type of person that can talk to absolutely anyone and make them feel appreciated and known. She is the most loyal and constant friend I have ever known, and she continually pours into those around her. Grace is confident in who Jesus made her to be and this is evident through the joy she radiates to others. I hope to be half the person she is and that’s why she will always be my diamond of the week (sorry for the sap!)
— Maggie Hightower

1. What's your favorite Auburn tradition? Why?

Well it sounds cliche but probably rolling Toomer’s Corner. It’s so fun to go down there and see how happy everyone is about winning (I’m pretty competitive) and also so fun to drive past and see it the next day.

2. What's at the top of your bucket list?

Hmm I have so many things I wanna do but I’d say cage diving with sharks is probably at the top. I think the ocean is so cool and being able to be so close to such a huge animal would be amazing.  

3. What is your favorite ADPi social you've been to?

My favorite social was the Christmas social this year! I loooved the band and it was so fun to have a social somewhere we don’t usually go. Also my friends are all really good dancers so really every social is a great time. 

4. Besides ADPi, what else are you involved in at Auburn that makes an impact on your life?

I just started doing Project Uplift this year and it’s been such a cool experience! I get to hang out with two awesome kids every week and I honestly think they’ve probably taught me more than I’ve taught them! 

5. What are your summer plans? 

 This summer I’m gonna be studying abroad in Vienna, Austria! I’ll be there for 5 weeks living with a host family (and Maggie Hightower) and I’m so excited to get to experience such a different culture.