Get to Know -- Alex Beisel

Our Diamond of the Week

Hometown: Auburn, AL
Major: Nursing
Pledge Class '13

Alex and I have been friends since, well, birth. Our moms were best friends in college, so we were raised like sisters. Alex and I were freshman year roommates, and during Recruitment we didn’t talk to each other about what sororities we liked. On Pref Day, we counted down from 3 and told each other what we chose to pref. Obviously, we both chose ADPI. I am so thankful that we have spent the last four years growing closer, thanks to ADPI. Alex is so selfless, and is always willing to help others. Because of that characteristic, her major, Nursing, is more than a job, I believe it’s her calling from the Lord. She comforts me, laughs with me, and even cries with me. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and a more deserving person who shows what true friendship is other than Alex.
— Ryan Thompson

1. Who inspires you most?

My mom inspires me the most because she is patient, wise, and she encourages me to be the best I can be. She is always smiling and she gives the best advice. I am inspired by the way she loves God, her family, and every person she meets!

2. When you aren't studying for nursing or in clinicals, how do you spend your free time?

I spend most of my free time with my friends. We love to go on walks or go out to eat together. I also love to be near the water, so I enjoy going to the beach or the lake any time that I can! Sitting in the sun reading a good book is my favorite place to be.

3. If there was a theme song to your life, what would it be? Why?

One of my favorite songs is “Desert Song” by Hillsong. I love the way the lyrics describe the way we feel in every season of life, whether it’s a season of trial or a season of rejoicing. It’s a song of praise to God for being faithful and worthy of praise no matter what our lives look like.

4. What legacy do you want to leave behind in ADPi after you graduate?

I want to leave a legacy in ADPi that shows that it is possible to find a balance between doing well in school, having fun, and staying true to yourself and what you stand for. College can be a challenging adjustment, especially in the beginning, but it is such a fun and special time. I want to leave behind a legacy that encourages the younger girls to embrace this time and find that balance!

5. As a senior, looking back on the past four years of college, what advice would you give an incoming freshman that you wish you had known?

I would tell incoming freshmen to remember that it is okay to not have your life together. Even though sometimes it seems that everyone around you has everything going for them, we are all struggling with our own issues. I would also tell them to enjoy every single moment of college because it really does go by so fast! Take every opportunity you are given; don’t be afraid to mess up because that’s how you learn. The amount you will grow and change throughout these four years is crazy!