Get to Know -- Alex Woodfin

Our Diamond of the Week

Hometown: Anniston, AL
Major: Marketing
Pledge Class '13

Alex and I met freshman year at one of our new member meetings. We always joke about how she asked me at least 5 times what my name was, which was so ironic because we have the same name! She asked me to go to lunch with her at Lupton’s Deli one day, and from then on we have been inseparable. She is the most consistent, trustworthy, and joyful friend I know. Alex always knows what to say, whether it’s a truth that I need to be reminded of, or something funny to put a smile on my face! She radiates the love of Jesus and is so full of life. To know Alex is to love her, and I am so thankful that ADPi brought me this friendship!
— Alex Beisel

1. What is your favorite Auburn tradition? Why? 

My favorite Auburn tradition is tailgating with friends and family before a football game. I love how everyone comes together for the same purpose, an Auburn win. Some of my favorite memories in college have involved tailgating, and I look forward to always keeping that tradition going even after graduating.

2. What article of clothing would you say describes your personality?

I would say Lululemon leggings; they are versatile, comfortable, and can also be very bold. I try to be versatile in any situation, and try to always be open to doing new things.  I am comfortable around my friends and family, and I’m comfortable meeting new people. I would also say I am bold about one thing specifically; that is, I’m bold with speaking about the love of the Lord and my faith in Him. 

3. What is your dream destination? 

My dream destination would be Brazil. My parents have been before, and they always talk about how beautiful it is. I have always wanted to go to see for myself!

4. What would you say the "on-trend" nail color is this spring?

'Funny Bunny' by O.P.I. It is one of my favorite colors right now.

5. What do you hope to take away from being an ADPi at Auburn? 

As I look back on my last four years being an ADPi at Auburn, I am thankful to say I will take away a lot of incredibly friends and a lot of fun & meaningful memories. I have gained friends who encourage & love me so well. ADPi has given me friends that will last for a lifetime, and some of the best memories with those friends.