Get to Know -- Hollis Boardman

Our Diamond of the Week


Hometown: Augusta, GA
Major: Apparel Merchandising
Pledge Class '15

Hollis is always smiling and making sure everyone else is smiling too. Her contagious, fun-loving attitude is one of the reasons why every time someone is around her they enjoy themselves more. She always puts others first, which is one of the qualities that I think embodies the Beta Omega Chapter of ADPI. I think that everyone would agree with me when I say that anyone Hollis meets walks away happier than they were before they met her.
— Sally Raney

1. What is your favorite Netflix series right now & why?

My current favorite Netflix show is 100% The Office. I actually just finished it the other day (depressing). The Office is the funniest show ever, I think everything Michael Scott does is just hilarious. I often find myself working The Office into most of my conversations because I just want to talk about it all the time! It is a show that really turns over my giggle box. 

2. What is the best prank you've ever played on someone?

I like to think myself as a prankster, I think my friends would say differently though. My Dad is a huge prankster so you could say it runs in the family, although most of my pranks are pretty unsuccessful. My best prank was in high school when I put a mannequin in my guy friends room to ask him to prom. I dressed it in a robe so when he walked in his room it scared the daylights out of him! Maybe not my best.....but definitely my funniest. 

3. What is a trend that is 'in' & one that is 'out' in the fashion world right now?

A trend that I think is out would have to be denim on denim....I am not quite sure how I feel about that, some people can pull it off but it is most definitely not one of my favorite trends. A trend I think is in are midi dresses. Whether it be for a formal occasion or just a casual dress I think they are ca-uteeee!! 

4. If you were on SNL to impersonate a real person, who do you think you would be cast as?

If I was on Saturday Night Live and had to impersonate someone, I think it would be Ellen Degeneres. She always laughs at her own jokes, and like her it's hard for me to make a joke without laughing, so it's meant to be! She is the funniest human being and such a goofball! 

5. What has been your favorite ADPI memory so far?

My favorite ADPI memory thus far would have to be the 'Rhyme without Reason' social. I had a grand ole time. The theme was clever and thinking of a costume was a lot o' fun. Funny themed socials with your friends are muh fav!!