Get to Know -- Jessie Floyd

Our Diamond of the Week and New Member Coordinator

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
Major: Elementary Education
Pledge Class '15

Jessie was one of the first people I met at the beginning of her freshman year and my sophomore year. She’ll immediately grab your attention with her beautiful golden hair, but she’ll keep your attention with her intentional spirit. She will greet you with the sweetest smile and biggest hug every time you see her. The incoming freshman girls are the most lucky to have a genuine, selfless, humble girl lead them through their college journey!
— Alexis Smith

1. What is the biggest thing that drew you to Auburn from Charlotte?

Being from Charlotte I did not know anyone or anything about Auburn. However the minute I walked on campus I knew this was where I was supposed to be. This is a place where everyone feels like family and cares deeply about one another and I could feel that community my first day here! I never looked back and I am so thankful! 

2. What was your biggest freshman fail? 

Oh that's an easy one! My biggest freshman fail was when I showed up for a date in leggings and tennis shoes and the boy I was going with stepped out of the car in sperrys and a button down! Clearly I did not get the dress up memo because it was obvious we were not on the same page!. 

3. What song describes you best?

 Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves (but if there could be a smash up with I Don't Get Tired by Kevin Gates then my life would be pretty much made!)

4. What was the highlight of your summer?

 The highlight go my summer was dancing on the benches of the dining hall with my six year old campers- one on my shoulders and a piece of cheese pizza in my hand. I will never forget the smiles and giggles of these loved ones loving life and making friends at camp! 

5. What are you looking forward to most about being New Member Coordinator? 

 I am looking forward to relationships that I am about to form with all the New Members! To think that my role in ADPi is getting to hang out with new members and get to know them brings a huge smile to my face! I cannot wait to sit down and get to know these girls on a deeper level!